Board Game Players Get Ready!

What is BGX?

On April 4th*, 100 game stores across the country will host the inaugural Board Game Expo, also known as BGX!

Brought to you by Gaming Days LLC, the same team behind Free RPG Day, BGX will be an epic in store board game pre-release event for select retail locations.

Participating stores will have up to 11 yet-to-be-released board game titles in limited quantities available for purchase 30+ days prior to the game’s general release date.

This is a big deal, and the game titles are important releases from major publishers. Nothing at the scale of BGX 2020 has been done before. Many new game titles and exclusive promos for some very popular game titles  (Death Eaters rising anyone?) will put this event on the map.

BGX was designed to create an important celebration for the board game community at some of the best retail game stores in the country, and that goal becomes reality on April 4th*, 2020.

*To allow stores flexibility while dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, Gaming Days, LLC is granting participating retailers the options to move Board Game Expo event to a later date on the calendar, or to forego a large single-day splash event in favor of several smaller, single game title prerelease events.

Please check with your local BGX 2020 participating game store for dates and details.