For Retailers

When you sign up for Board Game Expo, you put an event on your calendar that will pack your store with customers. The BGX Package you purchase contains never released copies of board games that will not be released until at least 30 days past the event.

Can my retail store participate in BGX?


BGX 2020 is going to be huge. Select game stores running the BGX event will need to be ready for an influx of customers by having an adequate & knowledgeable staff as well as a large play space in a professional, clean, and comfortable setting.

As such, only 100 of the nation’s best game stores will be selected to participate in BGX 2020.

Application Deadline is February 21st, 2020

In the event that your application is approved, you’ll be notified with additional information by March 1st, 2020.

Apply Here to Participate

What do I get for participating?

  • Participating stores will receive between 3 and 15 copies each of eleven yet to be released board game titles from some of the world’s best publishers and will be able to sell those games starting April 4th, 2020.
  • The kit will also include sought after exclusive game promos from several hot publishers.
  • All games will have a minimum 30 day exclusive window starting the day of the event before their actual release date.
  • All participating stores will be able to order an additional case of each pre-release game during the 30+ day window leading up to the game’s actual release at normal prices.
  • Retail stores can sell the games any way they like in store, but on-line sales of the games is strictly prohibited.

What is the cost to participate?

  • The cost to participate in BGX is $1,599. This cost includes all games and promos shipped to your store for the day of the event.
  • Additional copies of the prerelease games (up to one case each) can be ordered at your normal price level through Alliance.

What exactly am I getting for my money?

  • ~ $2,700 value in yet to be released retail product at 40% off MSRP that customers can only get at a participating BGX store.
  • All product has a 30 day minimum window for exclusive sales, and none of the games will be available for general release or for sale on-line during that time.
  • Only 100 participating BGX retailers in the country will have these games.
  • The option to buy an additional ~$2,700 in retail product bringing potential to ~ $5,400 in gross sales just for the exclusive games.
  • In additional to that revenue, expect additional store traffic and ancillary sales from running the event. When customers come to buy these games, they’ll buy other stuff too!
  • Exclusive promotional game pieces from 5 different popular game titles to hand out at the event.

How should I run this event?

Selected retailers will receive additional information with suggestions on how to run the BGX event.