Looney Labs’ Tiny Box of Fun

 Put some fun in your pocket with Tiny Fluxx and Are You a Robot!

Tiny Fluxx

Tiny Fluxx is a two-player introduction to the world of Fluxx, featuring five tiny Keepers–an ant, a ladybug, a computer chip, a chocolate chip, and a cinnamon candy. With just 21 miniature-sized cards, this adorably tiny box fits easily in a pocket or purse for a quick game of Fluxx on a plane, during a lunch break, or while waiting at the dentist’s office. It’s also an excellent teaching tool for those new to Fluxx. Grab a little box of fun today!

Are You A Robot?

This is a two-player social deduction game… we believe it’s the first of its kind. In this micro-game, our space colony has been infiltrated by androids who look just like us and are gradually replacing us! It’s up to us to determine which of us are robots and shoot them with our laser pistols.

But if we’re wrong, the human population dwindles even further. The fate of the humans on this colony is in your hands… can you tell who is really a human and who is an android pretending to be a human? One game works for 2-3 players. Buy additional packs to play a more traditional party game variation. You’ll need one game for every two people playing.

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